Handmade Press On Nails

A simple guide to ensure your nails fit comfortably and securely. We have two methods for measuring and finding your perfect nail size. Use one of the two options and follow the instructions below.

Find Your Size

Find your Size using


  1. Place a piece of tape over your nail
  2. Press down on both sides to form a crease
  3. With a marker, mark the sides of the tape
  4. Remove the tape from the nail
  5. Using the "mm" side of a ruler, measure between the marked lines.
  6. Enter these measurements in the text field on the product page when you choose the press on nails you wish to order.

find your size using a


  1. Ensure that your nails are bare, free from polish or press-on enhancements.
  2. Position an Australian coin beside your nails.
  3. Capture two photographs: one featuring your four fingers beside the coin, and another with your thumb next to the coin.
  4. Ensure both photos are taken directly above, with your fingers closed.
  5. Send these photos to us via email or Instagram.